Residents in Dabala complain about poor mobile network

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My attention has been drawn to the poor network performance and the intermittent connectivity problems in Dabala by some residents who are following my page.

I spoke with Elikem and Matilda Selorm all on Facebook concerning the network problems in Dabala. Elikem says the poor network condition is affecting students, businesses, and normal life. 

“You could hardly receive a phone call when you are in your room because the network goes off… People cannot reach us for jobs… Sometimes we have to walk a distance when we want to send a file to someone on WhatsApp. During the temporal closure of schools, students were not able to take their online assignments because of the network.” 

Matilda says the bad network is the reason most of the youths of Dabala can’t stay in the town. 

“The network is extremely bad that’s why most youths can’t stay in Dabala.”

For Matilda, the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Tongu, Hon. Kobla Mensah Woyome is to blame. According to her, the MP who hails from Dabala has not improved their network conditions since in office. 

“Honorable Woyome comes from Dabala but for over 12years of being in office he hasn’t improved our network condition” 

However, Elikem admitted to the town having a stable network at the premises of the Global Evangelical Church.

According to him, this is where most youths gather to enjoy a stable internet connection. This was however short-lived following a public announcement that all persons seen at the premises of this church from 8 pm would be arrested. 

Multiple sources have confirmed this information to me and many residents in Dabala share similar sentiments with Elikem and Matilda 


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