Review of Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary by Samuel Wemegah

    AL Ecotour Agency led by Samuel Wemegah wrote a review about the Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary after a visit on 18th February 2020. 

    According to them, it was an amazing experience at the beautiful scenery of Xavi Sanctuary. 

    Consequently, they took note of the Baobab Grove, the “Lotor” River and the remaining cultural features at the community-based resource. 

    “The Baobab Grove covers about 3 hectares of the site where shades and seating units are provided for tourists to use as rest stops,” they wrote. 

    A picture of the Baobab Groove

    The ecotourism agency also added that “within the sanctuary, there is a forest on the riparian zone of the ‘Lotor’ River where visitors are given a ride in a locally dugout canoe along the river to watch the different creatures in the forest, such as beautiful and colorful birds and snakes. The river is about 12 km in length with the forest along the river bank.” 

    canoeing on the ‘Lotor’ River

    Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary has been greatly affected since its closure in 2009. 

    The agency observed that some traditional forms of entertainment are no more.

    “Local people who entertain visitors with ‘Agbadza’, ‘Kenka’ drums and dances are no longer performing.” 

    However, the agency still sees potential in this nature-based tourism.

    As the most popular birding site in Ghana, Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary, with the help of AL Ecotour, is expected to serve its purpose in the Akatsi District and the country as a whole. 

    The Sanctuary, which is located in Xavi, is few kilometers away from Akatsi. 

    AL Ecotour invites all and sundry to join them explore this awe-stricken ecotourism destination. 

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