Sarkodie breaks down expenses for ‘Labadi’ music video

Sarkodie in 'Labadi' song ft King Promise
Sarkodie in 'Labadi' song ft King Promise
  • Sarkodie has revealed in a new interview some of the expenses he made during the shooting of ‘Labadi‘ with King Promise.
  • He mentioned the amount of money he paid for the villa they booked for 5 nights
  • According to him, he had this vision about the song he couldn’t compromise, something he said he learnt from the Nigerians (no wonder his album playlist has more Nigerians in there)
  • He said he has been spending on his music videos for a very long time

Sarkodie in a new interview has revealed some of the expenses he made shooting ‘Labadi’ with King Promise. According to him, he had to pay for the flight of all the production crew and models that were used in the video.

He revealed each night they lodged in Greece, they paid 6,000 Euros; that is over 85,000 Ghana cedis. According to him, they stayed there for 5 nights, which means they would have paid 30,000 euros just staying at the villa they used for the video.

Sarkodie also revealed he paid all the models, chefs and every other person that needed to be paid. When asked why he spent so much on his music videos, he answered that he has been doing it for a very long time. However, according to him, he learnt something interesting when he got close to the Nigerians. He said they do not like to comprise. Hence, he did not comprise the vision he had for the song.

When asked how he will recoup the investment he made in ‘Labadi’ music video, he said it was going to pay off in a long term.

On Thursday, 10th November 2022, just hours before the release of his new album ‘Jamz’, Sarkodie was on the Culture Daily on 3 Music where he talked about the creative process behind the album and other matters related to him.

Watch the full interview below:


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