Sogakope bridge, barrier appears in Edem’s hit song ‘Woss’

Edem Woss
Scenes from Sogakope

After more than 30 days of announcing the video shoot, Edem finally drops the music video for his hit song “Woss” featuring Kay Stun, Andre Marrs, Squyb, Adzavi Jose and Keeny Ice.

“Woss” features scenes from some parts of Sogakope. Notably, the Sogakope bridge, and the Sogakope barrier.

The directors, Jeneral Jay and Kofigo, opened the music video with a drone view of the Sogakope bridge as Edem and his entourage enter Sogakope to other destinations.

 “Woss” also features scenes from other parts of the Volta Region.

Prior to the video shot, Edem announced some of their routes on social media.

Watch the music video below to find yours.


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