Sogakope Roads, whose responsibility is it?

    Sogakope Roads, whose responsibility is it?
    This road is lucky enough

    North Tongu Member of Parliament, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, raised the right question about the 2020 national budget when he asked why bad roads in the Volta Region have not been dealt with. 

    “Why is provision not made in the 2020 Budget for critical road projects in the case of only the Volta Region?” He asked on facebook barely 24hours after the budget presentation. 

    The North Tongu MP wants to know how the government would respond to this unbalanced distribution of expenditure in the face of the 1992 constitution. 

    “More fundamentally, how will Government justify this aberration in the face of the 1992 Constitution which enjoins Governments to undertake even and balanced development in all regions,” Ablakwa added. 

    Living in Sogakope and seeing the bad nature of roads, particularly in the rainy seasons, it is only right to question the government, like the North Tongu MP did, for leaving out the Volta Region in the national budget. Roads here are either constructed by a person or a private organization. 

    The government barely takes any responsibility to construct our roads. Even if they do, it is done reluctantly or to serve their selfish gains. 

    Samuel Okudzeto doesn’t know how the government expects Volta Region MPs to explain this situation to their constituents. 


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