Sogasco 60th anniversary activities + videos

Sogasco 60th anniversary
Phot by Edem Dedi

Sogakope Senior High School held their 60th Anniversary on Monday, 21st November 2022 at their school premises. Here is a list of activities from Monday to Sunday plus some videos.

Monday (21st Nov. 2022)

  1. General Cleaning
  2. Candlelight procession through Sogakope town by students (5 pm- 7 pm)


Tuesday ( 22nd Nov. 2022)

  1. Arrival of SOSANS
  2. Organization and Tour of Campus

Wednesday ( 23rd Nov. 2022)

  1. Science and Maths Quiz competition
  2. Inter house games
  3. Exhibition by school and photo gallery
  4. Drama night

Watch the Drama Night via the links below:



Thursday ( 24th Nov. 2022)

  1. Exhibition and sales of anniversary items
  2. Mister and Miss Sogasco

Video of Mister and Miss Sogasco:

Friday (25th Nov. 2022)

  1. Exhibition and sales of anniversary items
  2. Sogasco in pictures
  3. Anniversary lecture
  4. Award Ceremony
  5. Borborbor night

Borbor Night video:

Saturday ( 26th Nov. 2022)

  1. Aerobic Exercise
  2. Project Handling
  3. Dubar and Inspection of project
  4. Refreshments of dignitaries and SOSANs
  5. Congress and Election
  6. Dinner Dance Night with Live band

Live band video:

Sunday ( 27th Nov. 2022)

  1. Thanksgiving service
  2. Food bazaar


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