South Tongu COVID-19 treatment center: DCE criticized for spreading propaganda

South Tongu DCE
Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama

Facebook friends of Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama, District Chief Executive for South Tongu, have criticized him for saying a project he commissioned on Friday, 26th February 2021, was started by former president John Agyekum Kufuor. 

At least two of his Facebook friends think that his statement was propaganda. 

“Dirty propaganda at its peak! Don’t we have so many projects started by NDC that are lying in the district unfinished?”, one of the comments read. 

Another says: “It has become more evident that this DCE is not for the good people of South Tongu but for the NPP in South Tongu. How can you write stuff like this if you claim to be neutral? Is the HIPC fund for the NPP?” 

Comments like the one stated above took particular interest in his ‘HIPC’ comment. 

Tettedzie Bright says, “After awarding all the HIPC projects across the nation in polythene bag that have no contract documents to be traced from national to region down to district levels… and u are now criticizing who? Example of this same HIPC project is the uncompleted School block at Awuyakope that doesn’t have a contract document to be traced for repackaging for continuation as we have heard… And even if not because of COVID-19 this particular project will not be completed, believe it or not… Anyway well done..” 

In his response, Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama asked if his critics know the number of abandoned NDC projects he has completed. 

“You don’t know what you and your people are saying. Do you know the number of projects left by the NDC which I have completed? I’m going to commission one on Tuesday at Comboni hospital. What’s the bragging here?”

He has however commissioned a project at the Comboni Hospital just as he said he would. 


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