South Tongu: MP addresses water challenges, bad roads, youth unemployment at town hall meeting

Hon. Woyome on town hall meeting
Town hall meeting at Lolito

So far, the Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome has covered 29 communities in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region for his thank-you tour and town hall meeting. 

The general feedback we are getting from these communities is that the MP has done a great job. 

He is hailed particularly for taking time to explain issues regarding parliamentary proceedings and some activities that took place during the commencement of the 8th parliament. 

That has been one of the goals for this year’s thank-you tour and town hall meeting. 

Others like encouraging unity and appreciating each individual’s role in the December 2020 general elections have also been achieved. 

The town hall meeting is also meant to address the plights of the people of South Tongu. 

The major issues discussed were concerning water challenges, lack of public toilets, bad roads, and youth unemployment. 

On water challenges, Hon. Woyome said the ongoing water project at Agordome will solve some of these challenges in the district. Nevertheless, he donated an undisclosed sum of money to complete an ongoing water project at Atsieve. 

donation at Atsieve

On the lack of public toilets, Hon. Woyome urged the needy communities to take up that responsibility. He said the only thing he can do is to support them if they start something. Apart from that, he said he can also build toilets in schools and at lorry stations. 

On roads, Hon. Kobena Woyome said it is not his duty to construct roads. According to him, this does not however mean that he will not lobby for road constructions in the district. He said he will play his part to make sure roads are being constructed in the district. 

Finally, on youth unemployment, the MP said he’s ever ready to support any youth of South Tongu who’s willing to learn any form of handiwork, be it tailoring, hairdressing, or repairs. For those who want to go to school, the MP said he is willing to support them with the MP’s common fund.

He has however expressed disappointment in the youth for their indifference towards his town hall meetings. This he said at places where he did not have enough youth turnout. 

The town hall meeting continues. If you have a question for Hon. Woyome ask via Soga WeDey or leave a comment behind. 



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