Stair Climbing For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

    Stair Climbing For Weight Loss: Does It Work?
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    Many people are willing to wait for the elevator to get to their office fresh and ready to work. Meanwhile, the stairs are just there waiting to be used during emergencies. 

    But health experts said everyday is the best time to take the stairs, especially when you want to be fit and healthy. Several studies already showed the health benefits of ignoring the elevator and taking dozens to hundreds of steps regularly. 

    The people who use the stairs are more likely to have better cardiovascular fitness, balance, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Researchers also found that it supports weight loss.

    When walking up and down, muscles in the lower body and the heart work harder than on flat ground. The body experiences vigorous intensity workout when going up the stairs and a moderate intensity activity when going downstairs, according to the Montreal Gazette.

    A study by researchers from the Harvard Alumni Health showed that two to four flights per day could help reduce mortality risk. Researchers said people should aim to complete 10 to 19 flights a week for better longevity. 

    Another research by McMaster University found that climbing 60 steps three times a day could help increase aerobic fitness by 5 percent. However, it becomes complicated in people who want to lose weight.

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    The effects of stairs depend on the current weight. Those who are overweight or do not exercise at all are more likely to burn more calories and shed some pounds faster than people with average weight, according to Houston Chronicle.

    People with excess weight may see results within two to four weeks of stair climbing. It is important to combine exercise with a healthy diet to speed up weight loss. 

    How To Start Stair Climbing

    Plan And Work Like Beginner

    In every form of exercise, first timers should not work too much or too fast to avoid injury and to allow the body to adjust to the new activity. Start by doing 30-minute stair climbing three days a week. 

    Manage Time

    Plan your regular stair workouts. To burn more calories, spend more time climbing stairs and make every session intense 

    You should also give time to track your daily food consumption. You can use calorie-tracking apps or websites to measure your nutritional needs and find the right number of calories you should maintain. 

    Work Harder

    As you spend more time climbing up and down the stairs, try to make the exercise more difficult to speed up the fat burning process. Try to skip steps and alternate jogging and walking. A 60-minute session could burn up to 532 calories. 

    If you are considering stair climbing for weight loss, make sure you have extra clothes and not dressed in business casual since this activity will demand a level of intensity and sweat.

    Numerous studies showed that stair climbing offer a number of health benefits, from better cardiovascular fitness, balance, blood sugar levels and weight loss. 

    Source: Medical daily


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