Suspected COVID-19 case near Dabala junction

A resident in Besakope, near Dabala Junction, is reporting a suspected case of COVID-19 this morning to after calls to Sogakope yesterday, 15th April 2020, yielded no result.

Mr. Daniel Kwabla Amezugbe told us that the case involved a woman who recently visited the town. According to him, the woman was coughing, adding that those who went close to her found a small amount of blood in her sputum.

He said he spoke with a fireman in Sogakope who promised to send in a medical team to ascertain the situation.

For hours, these supposed health workers did not show up and the suspect had to leave town for Adutor. According to him, he made this call to Sogakope at around 9 am.

Mr. Daniel is, however, worried that if this woman tests positive for coronavirus, she may endanger the family members who came in contact with her while trying to help her out.

He is asking authorities in the South Tongu District to trace this woman with his help. Call Mr. Daniel on +233 24 230 1318


We’ve just been notified that a team of health workers are currently tracing the suspect. More updates soon…


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