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Namba Line drops a tribute song for Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali

Sensational dancehall artist Namba Line just released a tribute song for Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali, Assemblyman for Sogakope South electoral area.

10 interesting things about the late Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali

As the search for Mawutor’s perpetrators continues, I’ve been doing some digging into his life. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali was...

The final moments of the late Sogakope South Assemblyman

Think about the ordeal he may have gone through knowing that his life was on the line. If he knew a way...

What really happened to Mawutor, the Sogakope South Assemblyman

As of 12 am, I hear he was active on WhatsApp but beyond that time, what followed was the sad news of...

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