The current state of Sogakope after Assemblyman’s death

Very early into his death, nearly everyone in Sogakope shared the same sentiments towards the murder of the late Hon. Marcus Mawutor Adzhali. This was expressed in ways not thought possible. But today, very little of that is seen or heard. Life is back to how it used to be before the early hours of 1st March 2020. Sad to say, but nobody cares anymore. Everything from the demonstration to the candlelight vigil feels like a display, a display to hide who we truly are in Sogakope — we only care about a person when he dies and when he’s buried.

The only time we are in our numbers is when something bad happens to someone. As for that, be rest assured that we will be there no matter what. This is no different from Mawutor’s case.

His death has seen one of the most vibrant reactions in Sogakope to date. It has revealed that a people divided by many things can become united. However, it’s uncertain as to whether we can actually live in unity after tragic events. As it stands now, life goes on and our division lives on.

The call for justice seems to have died down and the ‘fear’ once created in Sogakope as a result of Mawutor’s death seems to be fading. Very seldom will you hear anyone talking about the Sogakope South assemblyman. Even the South Tongu District Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah didn’t spend much time discussing him in his press statement on 13th March 2020. It’s as if nothing as wicked as the murder of a young enterprising businessman occurred on the 1st of March.


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