The final moments of the late Sogakope South Assemblyman

Think about the ordeal he may have gone through knowing that his life was on the line. If he knew a way to survive that attack, he would have implemented it.

Marcus Mawutor Adzhali, popularly known as Mc Greenline, was in his residence in Sogakope when a group of gunmen stormed his house on 1st March 2020 at around 1 am and murdered him.

Think about the fear, the adrenaline rush and the responsibility he had at that time to protect his family.

According to reports, the attackers used about 45 minutes to force open his security door. Those minutes were very crucial to him. Those were times to master courage and call for help or look for a hideout. They were moments of decision-making.

His sister told us that during the time of the attack, he made a series of phone calls. Had any of those calls been helpful, we wouldn’t be talking about his death. The mission would have failed and the assemblyman would have had the chance to take his security seriously.

When the gunmen finally barged in on him in his self-contain apartment, it was now a matter of life and death; the reason for the attack was going to be revealed.

From what we see at the crime scene, it’s likely Mawutor and the wife thought they knew why they were being attacked— because of money. But if what we hear is true, why would they murder the assemblyman upon handing them huge sums of money, supposedly from a safe?

Mind you, the safe at the crime scene gives us fresh insight into the murder. If he really offered them his money safe and they wanted it, he would have been the one to open it.

At the crime scene, we see that the safe was forced open, which means the assemblyman had no hand in opening it. It was not the price for his life.

Picture him insisting that they take all he has and spare his life. He may have gone on his knees and cried out for mercy, with his wife begging that they listen to him.

That morning, their lives were at gunpoint and no one could rescue them. They were all alone. The police had failed them, and their close friends could not rescue them.

Mawutor sustained multiple gunshots and stab wounds, while his wife and younger daughter were injured.

That Sunday morning was his last day on earth, the last he would see his wife and daughter.

He spent his final moments begging for the one thing God gave him (his life) and leaving behind all he’s worked for. 


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