The level of a person’s sacrifice to God determines how he sees what he has done for him

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It was just too much – the number of sacrifices Solomon made to the Lord the day he dedicated the temple to him. (See 1Kings 8:63).

That was how I felt about the 22,000 cattle and 120,00 sheep and goats. I thought I’d regret feeling that way but I still think it was too much.

‘Solomon must be crazy’, I thought, but you see he realized the importance of a fulfilled promise. God had just fulfilled before his very eyes some promises he made to his father David, and to express his appreciation, he sacrificed thousands of animals to the Lord.

I don’t think he felt it was too much looking at what God had done for him. These sacrifices came from knowing the gravity of what God had done.

I think the level of a person’s sacrifice determines how he sees what God has done for him.

This is to say the amount of sacrifices I make for God determines how much I understood what he has done for me. This means to better offer to God, you need to seek understanding. You need to know what it is that God has done for you


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