The rise of mobile money business in Sogakope

The rise of mobile money in Sogakope
Image via Unsplash

Next to the indomie business in Sogakope is the rise of mobile money.

Nearly every corner and major street in Sogakope has at least a kiosk or a container stationed for the purpose of mobile money transactions.

A new one was opened just in front of my workplace, and I’ve since been going there to make some transactions.

You may probably wake up to find a mobile money stall in your area, just like how I woke up to realize the business is rising in town. 

It doesn’t even take long for users to start making transactions with a new mobile money agent, perhaps, that’s what makes the business worth trying. 

For Sogakope, mobile money seems to solve the problem of favoritism, as people just want a place to make their transactions and not necessarily the most preferred place. 

This is partly because users are more concerned about the nearest mobile money point than any other thing. The business has therefore attracted a considerable number of users to each agent, new or old. 

It doesn’t look like the mobile money business in Sogakope is going to collapse anytime soon, as more stalls only mean more employment and greater convenience. 


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