The South Tongu DCE vs the people of Sogakope

Yes, we want justice for Mawutor. Who doesn’t? But a candlelight vigil and a number of demonstrations proved to me that we want more than justice.

We want Sogakope to be a safe place, a place of fewer crimes and more law enforcement. But the South Tongu District Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah would rather spend time responding to an opinion leader than respond to our needs.

He has the nerve to call a press meeting in these dangerous times to reveal his successes and not admit any of his failures. His failures are the main reason why people have asked him to resign. And to prove he is capable, he released a tall list of criminal cases his administration has dealt with, some of which are still in progress.

Hon. Emmanuel Luis Agamah has in fact apprehended many criminals since he took office, but he has not, and this is the cry of the people, strengthen the police task force the way our people want it.

The police are ineffective, unconcerned, slow, dull, unprepared, and full of excuses. They are the reason for many criminal offenses, including that of the late Sogakope South Assemblyman. They have done little to ensure that criminals are stopped in their operations.

For the benefit of the doubt, credit should be given to their ability to apprehend notorious criminals, but aside that, the cry of a true resident of Sogakope is unheard of.

We want a safe Sogakope, not a place where criminals are being targeted. It’s scary to live in a place like that. Very scary. 


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