The Story Behind Kwame Dame’s New Song, ‘Used to be’

‘Used to be’ cover art

Since we slept on Kwame Dame’s Hills Ep, he’s given us something to hold on to. Used to be, is the title of his latest song which already is making waves. Here’s the story behind the song. 

The Story 

It has always been at a place of enjoying Kwame Dame’s lips, body or company. Anytime Kwame talks about his relationship with this lady, they’re kissing or having sex, which later suggests that this was the only thing the lady allowed time for. Even though she was avoiding Kwame Dame at some point, she still had sex with him.

Of course, Kwame didn’t see this as something to worry about. He recounted the butterflies in his stomach after their first kiss, the crazy things they did, the things he liked and his best days at Kokomlemle. He was in love. He thought he was all she wanted. But things got real.

Kwame Dame is seeing a change of attitude, a shift in attention and a loss of feelings. He sings, ‘used to be all you wanted.’ As things began to change, he saw what the lady really wanted: sex. At a point, he thought that since they were still having sex, there wasn’t much to worry about. But in fact, there was! 



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