The youth are not attending my town hall meetings – South Tongu MP

Town hall meeting at Agorta
Town hall meeting at Agorta

Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome is not happy with the way the youth of South Tongu are treating his town hall meeting.

He has observed that most of them have not been attending these meetings. This he said is worrying, looking at the number of things on their minds.

This year’s town hall meeting has proved that fact. Thankfully, our social media platform has served a good purpose. It is now left with the MP to respond to all the questions he has received through our platform.

Hon. Woyome said during his Easter tour that he’s ever ready to meet an organized set of youth for a discussion. He believes the youth should know what’s available to them in the constituency.

So far, he has visited 40 communities in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region for this year’s town hall meeting. He plans to visit more in the coming weeks.


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