Tinkla talks debut album, Omar B, coronavirus and new song with Davi Klenam

Tinkla set to drop debut album

Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artiste Tinkla has revealed exclusively to Soga WeDey plans to release a number of singles in the coming months and an album later this year.

According to Tinkla, brother of late producer Omar B has recovered his unreleased songs and is working on them.

“Before Omar B’s death, we were working on a few songs that were never released, and the plan was to come out with an album. His brother Ali has recovered the songs and is working on them,” Tinkla said.

Tinkla loses his friend and producer of over 10 years
Omar B and Tinkla/ 2019

He added that Omar B’s death has affected the flow of his work.

News of Omar B’s death broke out late February, just some days after Tinkla visited him in Togo.

As his friend and producer, Tinkla dropped a song for him talking about how death separated them. Since Ali recovered the unreleased songs, Tinkla’s hope of dropping an album is seeing the light of the day.

The 99 Family boss revealed that the album will feature names like KD Bakes, Wolfman, Erica, CharaOne, King Ayisoba and many others.

Although he’s yet to give the album a name, Tinkla is quite sure the album will have about 10-12 tracks.

His much anticipated song ‘Inna Mi Panty’ will also be on the album.

He also wants to release a few singles before the album drops. The first on his list is a song featuring Davi Klenam titled ‘Think’, due for 7th June.

See cover art below:

Tinkla made us aware that the action taken by the president of the Republic of Ghana to close down its borders has affected him in a way.

“I need to visit Ali in Togo, but I can’t go because of the border closing”, he said.

For now, Tinkla is working with Jaywatz in Keta. He recorded ‘Gone Souls’ with him some few months ago and is hoping to add more.

Watch a four-year old music video of Tinkla and King Ayisoba


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