To Better Understand “The Minstrel Cycle” By Wanlov The Kubolor, Read This

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Wanlov The Kubolor just released a surprise album titled ‘Minstrel Cycle.’ And I want to look at the 6 popular tracks rated by iTunes.

To better understand the album we need to know what the title means.

A minstrel, as defined by Merriam-Webster, “is a member of a type of performance troupe caricaturing black performers that originated in the U.S. in the early 19th century. The acts of minstrels, who typically performed in blackface, featured exaggerated and inaccurate representations of black people in songs, dances, and comic dialogue. The popularity of minstrel shows in their heyday played a significant role in promoting negative racial stereotypes. Professional minstrel shows had fallen out of favor and effectively disappeared by the mid-20th century.”

But as noted by the Ghanaian-Romanian musician, the cycle hasn’t disappeared totally. We are still spinning in a minstrel cycle with every change keeping things worse. This, he revealed more on the second track of the album titled “Dis Be Ghana.”

We [Ghanaians] are just like the Minstrels who love to copy [from others]. According to him, this act of copying is not our fault. He said we were raised weak-minded and stupid. He then goes on to challenge us on the track titled “Could U.” And curses politicians, police force and priests on the fourth track titled “PPP.” “Lies” revealed both the corruption in our hearts and our legal system. “Lamoa” shows how we love other people more than our countrymen.Then on “Jesus Totobi Waakye,” he gives his advice on rape, which I must admit that Jesus wouldn’t approve of. 

Listen/download to the full album Minstrel Cycle and tell me which one I should add to the list. 


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