TobyMac Releases Gut Wrenching Statement Following the Death of His 21-Year-Old Son

Christian rapper loses his 21year old son
Image via Instagram

Christian rapper TobyMac released a gut-wrenching statement on Facebook Thursday evening regarding the death of his 21-year-old son, Truett McKeehan.  

“Truett Foster Mckeehan had joy that took the room when he entered. He was a magnetic son and brother and friend. If you met him, you knew him, you remembered him. His smile, his laugh, the encouragement he offered with words or even without. He had an untamable grand personality and dreams to match. And he hated being put in a box,” the 55-year-old father of five wrote.

Mac went on to talk about how Mckeehan – known online as Tru, Shiloh or truDog – was a budding rap music star who expressed himself through the music he made.

A picture of tobymac’s 21year old son via Instagram

“My last moment with Truett in person was at his first show Thursday at the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee … As I stood in the audience and watched my son bring joy to a room, I was as proud as a “pop” (as tru called me) could be. It was the culminating moment of a dream that he had since he was 12. It couldn’t have been sweeter,” Mac wrote.

“Our music, and what we say lyrically couldn’t be more different, but the outcome was much the same … offering a room full of people a few minutes of joy in a crazy world,” he added.

Source: The Christian Journal


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