Tom D’Frick throws shade at Mawuli Younggod for saying he’s the richest artiste from Volta Region

Mawuli Younggod and Tom D'Frick
Mawuli Younggod and Tom D'Frick

Tom D’Frick has replied to the richest artiste from the Volta Region, Mawuli Younggod.

According to Tom, it’s about time he put Mawuli in his place.

“I think it’s about time I start putting some little ones in their places”, he wrote on Facebook.

In the same Facebook post, he wrote “Funny how some artistes brag about being the richest, but they can’t even buy a Rolly…”

Mawuli has on two occasions said he is the richest artiste from the Volta Region.

However, in his last submission of this claim, he asked his critics to wait till he lands a new car. He said he was going to provoke his haters with this car when it finally drops.

He posted this 6 days prior to Tom’s Facebook post.

The first time Mawuli Younggod ridiculed Tom D’Frick he was replying to a comment by an up and coming artiste from Sogakope who also claimed to be the richest artiste in the Volta Region. (See post on Soga WeDey.)

Mawuli asked this artiste to go to Tom D’Frick if he is hungry for fame.

His response generated quite a number of reactions and since August nothing was heard from Tom D’Frick— he was probably paying attention to the music video for his new song “Posey cart”, which is now out on all digital platforms.

After dropping the music video for “Posey Cart”, Tom D’Frick has fired two shots at Younggod.

The first is what we describe in this post and the second is a follow-up Facebook post to what’s described here.

In it, Tom D’Frick mocked Mawuli Younggod for no longer doing giveaways.

“I’m the poorest artiste from the region but I’m the only artiste that likes doing giveaways…,” he wrote on Thursday, September 23, 2021.

At the time of this writing, Mawuli Younggod went live to address the issue.

In a Facebook Live, he stated emphatically that he will not respond to any artiste that shades him, adding that he will only respond if he is paid.

And about giveaways, he said doing it on social media is fake.


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