Top 5 Waakye Joints in Sogakope

Top 5 Waakye joints in Sogakope
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I had to be sure I’m ranking these Waakye joints very well, so I ate from one this morning to be sure my ranking is on point. Here are the top 5 Waakye joints in Sogakope. 

1. Show Mama

A picture of Show Mama Waakye Joint from the side

When Sena sees this article, she’s going to kill me for not ranking her Waakye joint at the top. But undoubtedly, Show Mama is the best Waakye joint is Sogakope. They brought competition to your favorite Waakye joint and split their buyers into half. That’s how commanding their Waakye is. They work to solve the needs of the people of Sogakope.

2. Agbaga


This is Sena’s favorite. She will eat from them whenever she comes to Sogakope. Agbaga is everyone’s favorite. Her Waakye is the reason some people come late to church. This is where people hide a small amount of Waakye in a big bowl. Sena testified that their Waakye can carry her through the day without the feeling of hunger. Agbaga is the most popular Waakye joint in Sogakope. Their consistency has contributed to this feat.

3. The Waakye joint facing the Nigerian Man’s shop. 

There you go

It’s surprising to me that this Waakye joint doesn’t have a name but is one of the preferred joints in Sogakope. I’ve been there a couple of times and I’ve seen some of my friends buy from there. One interesting thing about them is that by 10 am their Waakye is finished. They prove that you don’t necessarily need a name to sell. I’ll rank them at number 3.

4. The Waakye joint facing Aunty B’s store. 

I didn’t see a name on this Waakye joint as well. It seems most of their customers come from the western part of Sogakope. I’ve been there a couple of times to buy their Waakye after church. They don’t look like they’re competing with anyone; they just want Waakye lovers to try them out. Most people who buy from them don’t look elsewhere. 

5. Agorkpo Waakye 

Agorkpo Waakye

This roadside joint served on a truck is the preferred breakfast and lunch for the people of Agorkpo. The Okada riders in that area love it so much. Agorkpo Waakye will make number 5. 



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