Tsetse Bernard writes: 7 preventive measures against COVID-19 in Sogakope

1. Let’s decongest the market by giving priority to traders who deal in the food chain. Women selling the same foodstuff should be made to run a shift, such that if they’re ten in number five should be allowed in the market.

2. Security personnel should enforce social distancing measures.

3. Some health workers should be stationed at the entrance of the market to check the temperature of those coming into the market.

4. Okada riders must be educated on the novel coronavirus to prevent mass transmission. Imagine the ripple effect if one rider with the virus should carry 20 passengers a day.

5. Health workers should be stationed at the barrier, roundabout, and Y-junction to be checking the temperature of drivers and riders as well as their passengers.

6. Hand washing booths should be visible around the market and accessible people from time to time.

7. Frequent education on the novel coronavirus


Written by Tsetse Bernard 

Edited by Rex Krampa


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