Video: Clipsy Win talks upcoming EP, record deal, music video and clothing line

Clipsy Win
Clipsy Win, Image via Facebook

Ghanaian singer and rapper Clipsy Win went live this evening on Facebook to disclose few things concerning his upcoming EP ‘G.O.A.L.’, a future record contract, and a forthcoming clothing line.

“I just decided to come live, so we can talk about my upcoming projects. We started everything underground but I think it’s high time I let you guys know,” he began.

He didn’t waste much time to inform his fans that he and his team ‘Brave Wins’ are planning to shoot a video for the first single off the EP ‘Feelings’.

“I dropped ‘Feelings’ and we are planning a video shoot.”

The ‘G.O.A.L’ EP, as revealed by the artiste, will have four songs including ‘Feelings’.

“We are left with three (3) more tracks to release,” he revealed.

Clipsy is however not certain on when to drop the EP.

He asked fans for suggestions while he went on to discuss other matters like his clothing line and a music deal, which he says he will keep from the public for the time been.

According to him, the clothing line will called ‘Must Win Collection’.

Watch video below:

Publicado por Clipsy Win em Sábado, 23 de maio de 2020


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