Vimboy’s first official single in detail: here’s what the singer is trying to say

The winner of the BET Hip Hop International Flow award Sarkodie called him a star. VGMA Rapper Of The year Medikal called him a brother. 

This new talent certainly has some of the finest musicians in the country endorsing his first official single. One is tempted to find out why this is so.

The song title, ‘my time,’ may be an answer to some but to others Vimboy needs to prove himself. 

Here’s a quick look at what he’s been trying to say in his first official single:

Vimboy believes that life is how you make it and it’s never about how you want it. He opens the first verse with these ideas about life: ‘Na me say life is how you make it, E never be how you want it.’

Vimboy then goes to show how he’s been working with those ideas about life. According to him, he keeps pushing and fighting his way to make it in life. 

There is, however, a problem: he isn’t getting the result he wants. He then turned to fasted and prayed but had nothing tangible to show for it. He sings, ‘Me say, me been to the church too long Me fast and me pray to Jah But still me say nothing acquire me mi life.’ 

After all this, he desperately wants to know when his time will come, because the friends whom he started with are making it big in life. 

How’s that for an official single! Watch Vimboy ‘My Time’ below 


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