WAFA tops most valuable GPL club list

WAFA logo

Angel 102.9 Fm has listed the West African Football Academy (WAFA) as the number one most valuable football club in Ghana following extensive research by their sports crew led by Award-winning Journalist Saddick Obama Adams. 

The indices used by them and some astute valuers in the analysis included tangible assets, player value, and excluding club supporter base, copyright, trademarks, and goodwill. 

“The tangible assets focused on facilities such as pitches, clubhouses, secretariat, vehicles, lands, and other properties. The location and current value of facilities owned by the clubs factored in arriving at the final top 10,” their website says. 

According to them, the top 10 most valuable clubs in Ghana have a combined asset (both tangible and player values) is worth 77.15 million dollars. 

However, they said some clubs were not graded as a result of a lack of collaboration or lack of assets registered in their names. 

Check the list below: 


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