What really happened to Mawutor, the Sogakope South Assemblyman

As of 12 am, I hear he was active on WhatsApp but beyond that time, what followed was the sad news of his death.

Marcus Mawutor Adzhali, popularly known as Mc Greenline, died tragically at his residence in Sogakope. He was last seen at Rita Store, Sogakope, his usual hangout after work.

On 29th February 2020, he arrived in Sogakope from a funeral at Hikpo, near Akatsi, not knowing it was his last day among us.

The path leading to the assemblyman’s house

The following day, 1st March 2020, an unspecified number of gunmen stormed his house at about 1 am, killing him and injuring his wife and younger daughter.

At the time of the incident, his sister, who lives next door, came out to check up on him but was quickly returned by gunmen on reaching the scene.

His sister’s house

She was asked to stay in her room and not disrupt their operations. This gave her time to make some calls to the police, which were unfruitful.

Tenants in the compound house were also trying to reach the police, but to no avail. 

where the tenants lived

One immigration officer who was on duty was contacted by a tenant in the house to help reach some police officers on duty, but they failed to show up. 

The assemblyman also made some calls at the time of the attack, but had no one to rescue him.

The gunmen managed to force open the front door of his self-contain apartment with cement blocks while making sure no one interferes in their operation. 

The front door of the assemblyman’s house

They barged in on Mr. Mawutor Adzahli and his family, and murdered him in cold blood. His wife was hit in the forehead for trying to defend him, and she fell unconscious.

Their younger daughter was also injured during the attack. It’s reported that her ear and forehead were injured.

The assemblyman had a safe in his room which the gunmen managed to break open. As to what was in it, we are not sure.

The safe in his room

Thankfully, the victim’s wife and younger daughter are responding to treatment at the District Hospital, Sogakope. 

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