What’s up with Medikal and Fella surprising each other with food?

    Come to think of it, why does Fella Makafui (now Mrs. Precious Frimpong) and her husband Medikal always have food as part of their surprise packages? Two out of ten surprises will often come as food.

    I could say, the couple love to surprise each other with food. Today is no different. Mrs. Precious Frimpong just surprised her husband with plenty of food.


    How’s that even a surprise anyway?

    Or perhaps Medikal doesn’t eat as much as the wife wants, hence such gestures. I don’t think there’s a better explanation for this. Or we could even consider the fact that Medikal loves his wife’s food (no pun intended) and knowing this, she does just that. Trying to find out why the couple surprises each other with food is worth it.

    Meanwhile, Medikal seemed very happy today. Happy birthday to him


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