Women Teasing Men With Their Bodies, A Twitter User Set the Right Tone for a Conversation on the Subject

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If you’ve never been on Twitter, you probably wouldn’t know how much users are exposed to provocative content. The app is dirty, and many innocent people who find themselves there just end up frustrated.

iPhone 11 

When the recent iPhone 11 was announced, many tweets were used to objectify women for the sake of getting the phone. This and many more are raising concerns for women. But there’s an even greater concern. That is, women are setting up themselves as objects of attraction on the app. There’s no passing day without it. It’s like women are enjoying what the men are doing to them or they are not. It’s quite confusing.

The Conversation 

A Twitter user whose handle is @Muhhnuella has set the right tone for a conversation on women teasing men with their bodies. She retweeted a teaser from a lady with the following comment: “No shaming sis! But I’m really tired of being on an app where females are constantly crying out about men objectifying them and the same females using their bodies as objects of attraction… How do we end the cycle like this!? …” 

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